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Sue Hartinger
Sue Hartinger

Unsung: Sue Hartinger

As an LAA in Stinson Leonard Street’s Energy, Environmental, Mining and Transportation division, Sue Hartinger has shown over the years that she’s got her own impressive reserves of energy.

She came to Stinson after two decades as a valued legal assistant in private practice and at the state Attorney General’s Office. During that time, she often held down second jobs from waitressing to booking clerk for a local police department.

“Sue’s career has been exemplified by her energy, outstanding work ethic, strong people and communication skills,” said one colleague. “Sue constantly impresses her colleagues by her desire to learn, grow and expand her skills, her leadership of peer teams, and her dedication to the firms, lawyers and clients for whom she worked.”

And rather than chain herself to a single attorney assignment, Hartinger has become known for her willingness to reach out in her workplaces to help out on legal projects and to form and lead project teams.

Hartinger has concerned herself with what the job of LAA will look like after she’s retired, prompting colleague efforts to identify their own skills, development needs, schedule requirements and professional goals. With her help, the legal administrative assistants of the future will have a shining example to follow.

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