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Leslie Frye
Leslie Frye

Unsung: Leslie Frye

It’s said that the reward for a job well done is often being handed more work to do. That’s just fine with Dorsey & Whitney Facilities and Conference Center Manager Leslie Frye.

Frye started at Dorsey as a receptionist and quickly moved up the chain to the facilities department, then becoming support services manager.

Her rapid rise was the result of a willingness to take on new tasks when needed. “As people left and retired, I just sort of accumulated their jobs,” she said.

Frye is in charge of Dorsey’s office facilities — directly in Minneapolis and in coordination with managers in Dorsey’s 19 other offices across the United States and internationally. That means dealing with furniture, art, equipment, supplies, construction and repairs, office moves, office vendors and internal business service operations.

“The fun part is the variety,” she said. “During the course of a day, I get to walk around and meet almost everybody.”

A few years ago, Frye helped oversee a massive project that involved consolidating office space that had taken up several floors of Dorsey’s downtown Minneapolis space.

“There were a lot of seven-day workweeks,” Frye said. “But working with our people and with the moving companies made it go smoothly. It was a very gratifying project.”

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