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Jessica Heck
Jessica Heck

Unsung: Jessica Heck

Jessica Heck spent many years in the resort and hotel industries before she made an important discovery.

“Hotels never close,” she said. “I wanted more regular hours.”

Which isn’t to say that Heck’s current job is a great deal easier than running a hotel. As meeting and event planner for Gray Plant Mooty in Minneapolis, she executes about 100 events every year, including seminars, retreats, anniversary events and webinars.

“The events allow me to work with everybody, from partners to our IT people,” she said. “That makes it fun.”

Last year, Gray Plant Mooty marked its 150th anniversary with a series of events that Heck organized with aplomb.

“She can have a hundred balls in the air and never drop one,” commented one colleague.

That’s not to say that Heck never breaks a sweat. She still shudders when she thinks of the first Gray Plant attorney retreat she organized.

“It was daunting,” she said. “But you have to love it, and I do. You need the ability to foresee what could go wrong before it has a chance to. Then those details become routine. You have to be a planner by nature.”

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