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Emily Conde
Emily Conde

Unsung: Emily Conde

Kurt Williams was kind of miserable when Emily Conde was on maternity leave.

“It stinks” without her, said Williams, Conde’s boss and controller at the Gray Plant Mooty law firm in Minneapolis.

Conde joined the firm’s accounting department nine years ago. She took whatever responsibility came her way, became a certified management accountant, and rose to accounting supervisor.

“No matter what you threw at her, you couldn’t stump her,” Williams said.

When the firm officials decided to switch to a new expense-reporting software, they knew whom to put in charge. Conde worked with the software vendor, ran department meetings, and oversaw implementation all the way through employee training.

Conde “rode herd” on everyone to keep the project on track, but “in a nice way,” Williams said. “Everybody likes her. They wanted to do well for her. She was the one who made sure everything got done right and involved the right people to get it done.”

Conde appreciated the firm’s cooperation and patience with the software switch, which was a first for her as well. She also likes running the accounting department.

“Everybody works together and helps each other out,” she said. “Everyone’s willing to accept new ideas and try new things and work together.”

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