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David Oxley
David Oxley

Unsung: David Oxley

You may have read a thing or two about the importance of information security and of the horrific consequences of a breach. That’s why a director of information technology is critical to an office, as shown by unsung hero David Oxley.

A certified legal manager through the Association of Legal Administrators and a certified information security manager, Oxley is always motivated to bring the highest quality standards to Messerli & Kramer with respect to audit, control and security of information systems, say John Lang, the firm’s president; Joshua Hasko, board of directors chair; and Mark Dixon, CFO.

Oxley says the key is to determine the best technology for the diverse practices in the firm.  It is also important for the system to provide excellent remote access for attorneys. Right now, he’s working on a new security initiative with tighter policies.

“He understands the legal industry and knows how to manage and adapt technology to our firm’s needs and requirements,” the trio said in nominating Oxley as an unsung hero.

And perhaps even more importantly, at least when it comes to technology, “He communicates with us mere mortals in a way we can actually understand,” says Lang.

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