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Bonnie Korte
Bonnie Korte

Unsung: Bonnie Korte

As the manager of patent paralegals at Fish & Richardson, Bonnie Korte has one of the most important jobs in the firm. With responsibility for recruiting, hiring, training, and assigning work to over 80 patent paralegals across the firm’s 11 U.S. offices and one office in Germany, Korte keeps many of the wheels running smoothly at Fish.

That’s what Patrick Finn, managing principal, says about Korte, adding that she is an invaluable resource and leader that everyone — attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff — trusts, respects and looks up to.

Korte manages hiring, training, hours, work distribution and the like. She does not handle cases anymore but works with other paralegals on hard questions — meaning she has the best of both worlds, Korte says. And earning trust with paralegals and the legal staff is very rewarding, she adds.

Finn says, “She always brings her ‘A’ game to everything she does. In what is often a thankless job, we are thankful every day for the work she does to keep us all on track and successful.”

And we know that Fish is nothing if not on track and successful.

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