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Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson

Unsung: Amanda Johnson

The 450-strong Bowman and Brooke has a three-person Human Resources Department, when those jobs are staffed. But in the last year or so, the department lost its director and payroll specialists, leaving Amanda Johnson’s plate stacked high. She handled it with grace, taking on the human resources system and the payroll until a replacement could be found and trained. But the payroll is a tough job and it soon became empty again, putting those tasks back on Johnson’s plate.

At the same time, the human resources software needed an upgrade, and you know what that must have been like. As it happened, the new HR software wasn’t the right fit for the firm and now they are in another upgrade, which is going well. On the bright side, Johnson said, the firm figured out early that it wouldn’t work and now it has a better idea of what is needed.

Some of what it takes to keep employees happy and productive: paychecks, benefits and time off. Johnson is taking care of that for Bowman and Brooke and she’s doubtless appreciated every payday.

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