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2017 Unsung Legal Heroes

Click above to read the 2016 Up & Coming Attorneys and Unsung Legal Heroes digital edition.

Click above to read the 2017 Up & Coming Attorneys and Unsung Legal Heroes digital edition.

Each year Minnesota Lawyer recognizes a group legal professionals who work to make sure the job gets done. We are very pleased to present the 2017 Unsung Legal Heroes.

We’re singing the praises of those who keep the paychecks coming, the health insurance premiums paid, the exhibits cataloged and the computers up and humming. They bring the courts to students, the moving vans to the offices, the exhibits to the war room and the bagels to the meetings.

These unsung heroes are important to their colleagues, their clients and their communities. They make the lawyers look good in court and the offices look good all the time. And, even more remarkably, they not only can keep their cyberworlds safe and secure, but they also can speak technology to lawyers.

Click the names below to read about each honoree.


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