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Rank: 18; Number of lawyers: 51

Bassford Remele, A Professional Association


Rank: 18

Number of lawyers: 51


33 South Sixth Street, Suite 3800

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Michael A. Klutho

Christopher R. Morris

Robin Ann Williams

Robin Ann Williams



Founded: 1882


Managing Partners

Lewis A. Remele, Jr.

Edward F. Fox
Chief Executive Officer

Edward F. Fox

Edward F. Fox

Lewis A. Remele, Jr.

Lewis A. Remele, Jr.

Robin Ann Williams
Chief Operating Officer/Managing Partner

Christopher R. Morris
Chief Financial Officer


Mission Statement

Bassford Remele, A Professional Association, is a full-service litigation firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1882, the firm represents local, national, and international clients in all areas of civil litigation and dispute resolution. The Bassford firm is a community of experienced and committed trial lawyers who embrace a professional approach to the practice of law, providing the highest level of legal expertise and advice.


Representative Clients

St. Jude Medical, Inc.; Allina Health; Seagate Technology; Edina Realty; Minnesota Lawyers Mutual.


Areas of Practice

Affordable Housing; Agricultural Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Appellate Practice; Banking/Finance; Bankruptcy Litigation; Business Litigation; Class Actions; Commercial Finance and Transactions; Construction Law; Consumer Law; Employment/Employee Benefits; General Tort Law; Health Care/Life Sciences; Intellectual Property; Labor and Employment Law; Medical Malpractice; Municipal/Local Government;
Patents/Trademarks; Personal Injury; Premises Liability; Product Liability; Professional Liability; Real Estate Law; Tax/Benefits/ERISA;
Technology and Licensing; Toxic Tort and Mass Tort Litigation; Trust and Estates


Important Contacts


Mark R. Bradford
Appellate Chair

J. Scott Andresen
Construction Chair

Jonathan P. Norrie
Employment Chair

Marketing Director
Janet Nelson

Andrea E. Reisbord
Insurance Coverage Chair

Kevin P. Hickey
IP Litigation Chair

Kelly A. Putney
Legal Malpractice Co-Chair

Michael A. Klutho
Legal Malpractice Co-Chair
and Consumer Law Defense Chair

David M. Dahlmeier and Mark P. Hodkinson
General Product Liability Co-Chairs

Rebecca Egge Moos
Medical Malpractice Chair

Alan I. Silver
Trust and Estates Litigation Chair


Janet Nelson


Number of lawyers (MN only): 51

Number of female lawyers: 18

Number of male lawyers (MN only): 33

Number of equity partners (MN only): 32

Number of female equity partners (MN only): 9

Number of male equity partners (MN only): 23

Total attorneys (worldwide): 51

Number of new hires in 2016 (MN only): 2

Number of new female hires in 2016 (MN only): 1

Number of new male hires in 2016 (MN only): 1

Number of elevations in 2016 (MN only): 3

Number of elevation in 2016 (females -MN only): 1

Number of elevation in 2016 (males -MN only): 2

Number of paralegals (MN only): 3

Number of minority lawyers (MN only): 4

Number of minority lawyers (partners -MN only): 1

Number of minority lawyers (non-partners – MN only): 3

Length of paid family leave: 12 weeks

Flextime for lawyers: Yes

Part-time lawyers: Yes

Telecommuting for lawyers: Yes

Flextime for staff: Yes

Part-time staff: Yes

Telecommuting for staff: No

Unique benefits: Paid back-up childcare

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