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ML Lifestyle: December 2016

Click image above to read the December 2016 edition of ML Lifestyle.

Click image to read the December 2016 edition of ML Lifestyle.

Art for a world dictated by the past

Former Supreme Court Justice Alan Page and his wife, Diane, have amassed a stunning collection of African-American art.

A time and a place for happy hours

The in-house amenities at Halunen Law lend themselves to bursts of unplanned socialization and conviviality.

Career navigation: Mindful leadership and lawyers

Chief executives at small and large corporations alike have embraced mindful practices for themselves as well as implementing companywide initiatives such as meditation and yoga to guide employees in becoming more mindful.

Every day is a red carpet day for Clayton Halunen

How does a Minnesota Iron Range-born and raised, Hamline Law School-educated Minneapolis attorney achieve a reputation for sartorial splendor within the Minnesota legal community?

What’s in your handbag?

What do well-organized lawyers keep in their handbags and briefcases?

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