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Sasha Zekoff
Sasha Zekoff

Up & Coming: Sasha Zekoff

A positive relationship with her adoptive parents inspired assistant Steele County attorney Sasha Zekoff to work on behalf of children.

Zekoff volunteered to lead the Steele County Attorney Office’s child protection practice based on her personal background and professional experience in delinquency cases.

“I have always wanted to be part of a process that advocates for children and that works towards finding permanency outcomes that are in a child’s best interests, whether that is with the child’s parents or another safe and stable home,” Zekoff said. “My hope is to help other children have amazing parents like I have and am lucky enough to have because of my adoption.”

However, Zekoff said, “It is always the best outcome when children remain with their family and reunification is successful because that means children are with healthy parents who can look after their best interests.”

Zekoff worked with others last year to launch the Steele County Truancy Court to address habitual truancy in students 12 and older. The court is to expand to other county districts after beginning as a pilot in the Owatonna Public Schools district.

Zekoff earned her law degree at William Mitchell College of Law in 2011 and worked in juvenile delinquency in the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office from 2008 to 2012.

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