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A. Elizabeth Burnett
A. Elizabeth Burnett

Up & Coming: A. Elizabeth Burnett

Robins Kaplan made a mark years ago representing the government of India against Union Carbide after a natural gas explosion in Bhopal, India. Carrying on that tradition is A. Elizabeth Burnett, better known as Liz.

Many of Burnett’s cases involve fires and explosions related to combustible dust and natural gas. In a recent case, she won a motion to dismiss her client on a natural gas explosion that occurred in Mexico. The explosion resulted from combustible dust, but her client’s role in the event was not pleaded, she said.

Burnett literally is a “boots on the ground” attorney as she visits the scenes of these accidents.  “I never thought I’d be putting on steel-toed boots and traveling to disaster scenes, but I love that part of it,” she says.

Burnett has published articles on insurance-related topics, including the effect of climate change on risk modeling and the application of the contra proferentem doctrine to broker-drafted policies. She represents clients pro bono through the state public defender’s office, legal aid and guardians ad litem. She prevailed for a client at the Court of Appeals, which held that individuals using motorized devices as a substitute for walking are not subject to DUI laws.

It appears that Burnett’s career will continue to explode.

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