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Kelly Street
Kelly Street

Unsung: Kelly Street

Of her role at Soule & Stull, Kelly Street said, “I’m the best administrative assistant they’ve ever had. Let’s face it, I run the show.”

The declaration is tongue-in-cheek, since she’s the only administrative assistant the firm, started in 2014, has had. But partner Melissa Stull insists that there’s a great deal of truth in the statement, too.

“In our small firm, Kelly fills so many roles so well that she is our most valuable player,” she said. “She’s critical to our success.”

Street made a career move back into law in order to join the firm. She had worked for lawyers before switching to a career in veterinary technology.

But a chance reconnection with George Soule, along with a job offer, proved too tempting. “It was a chance to help build a new business and a new challenge to take on many different roles,” Street said. “At a big firm, you’re a specialist. Here, I’m a generalist.”

At the firm, she’s a paralegal, office manager, accounting coordinator, receptionist, marketing assistant, IT coordinator and administrative assistant. Stull noted, “She does a brilliant job juggling the tasks typically assigned to a number of different departments at a large firm.”

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