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Joni Spratt
Joni Spratt

Unsung: Joni Spratt

Joni Spratt has brought the human touch to her workplace for more than a decade.

Until recently, the office manager and legal assistant for Trepanier MacGillis Battina in Minneapolis was the sole support staff person at the small business law firm, said co-founder and shareholder James MacGillis.

As MacGillis sees it, Spratt has several other job titles: receptionist, financial watchdog, sounding board and chief party planner. Her demeanor and comportment have helped retain clients for the firm and for the criminal defense attorneys who once shared their offices. Spratt also ensures that the attorneys feel noticed and appreciated.

“She is the reminder of the importance of recognizing successes, birthdays, and anniversaries among staff, associates and shareholders.” MacGillis said.

Spratt joined the firm in 2004 and has logged almost 30 years in her field. In addition to meeting the firm’s administrative needs, she trains its law clerks and summer associates.

The firm is now up to eight attorneys, and Spratt just passed along the titles of receptionist. The attorneys recently hired someone else to staff the front desk, and Spratt got an office, where she will focus on human resources, financial supervision and administration duties.

“She has handled the duties like Superwoman for basically the entire office,” MacGillis said.

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