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Jan Buster
Jan Buster

Unsung: Jan Buster

Since July 2000 Jan Buster has served as a legal secretary, receptionist, proofreader, mathematician, document redactor, supply organizer and manager of miscellaneous projects at Honsa & Associates.

But through her many tasks, she became director of first impressions.

From answering clients’ initial phone calls through proofing decrees, Buster significantly contributes to each of their client’s cases, says attorney Deborah M. Gallenberg.

“Jan knows our clients by name, many of whom are quick to confide in Jan about their family law matters,” says Gallenberg.

Sixteen years ago Buster wanted a career change from administrative positions to working directly with people. She chose family law.

“It took me a long time to get to my area of ‘social work,’ but I truly do love it. My co-workers gave me the plaque that sits on my desk that says, ‘Jan Buster – Director of First Impressions.’ On the phone or face to face in the office, that’s me.”

Buster adds, “My favorite thing about my job is working with clients—from the first contact through the conclusion when they jokingly say, ‘I hope I never have to see you again.’ And sometimes I get a big hug as they are walking out the door—with a smile on their face.”

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