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Jamie Lindahl
Jamie Lindahl

Unsung: Jamie Lindahl

In a contest for the legal administrative assistant who epitomizes grace under pressure, Jamie Lindahl might take first prize.

For nearly 32 years, Lindahl has been renowned medical malpractice attorney Kathleen Flynn Peterson’s right-hand person at Robins Kaplan in Minneapolis. When she started with the firm, Lindahl assisted two attorneys, two nurses and a law clerk. She now supports a paralegal and a legal nurse consultant, but keeping up with Flynn Peterson, three times a Minnesota Lawyer Attorney of the Year, is more than enough to fill her schedule. Flynn Peterson has had up to 100 open cases at a time and travels frequently.

Lindahl not only fulfills her day-to-day LAA responsibilities, but her positive attitude and extreme competence lift the performance of others, according to Flynn Peterson. Lindahl has served as lead LAA on one of the firm’s busiest floors, coordinating workflow and managing coverage when other staffers are absent. She has also been the main point of contact for aspiring LAAs at the firm.

It’s not part of her job description, but Lindahl also supports Flynn Peterson in her leadership roles for nonprofit and volunteer activities. Lindahl executes all of these duties with humility and aplomb, according to the attorney.

“I can’t think of a mistake she’s ever made that’s significant,” Flynn Peterson said. “Ever.”

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