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Debra Pexa
Debra Pexa

Unsung: Debra Pexa

Debra Pexa says the heart and soul of Minnesota Women Lawyers is its volunteers. But MWL president Bridget Nason says that Pexa is the heart and soul of the organization.

Pexa has been the executive director of Minnesota Women Lawyers for 17 years.
Since then, MWL has grown in every direction. It has strong finances, a solid membership base, good relationships with many law firms (but is always looking for more), strong committees and a charitable foundation. That’s a significant initiative of MWL developed in recent years and encompasses the charitable and scholarship work MWL has engaged in, but also allows expanded opportunities for donations and planned giving, Pexa said. “So now I’ve been named executive director of another organization, the MWL Foundation,” Pexa said.

Deservedly so, according to MWL.  “Through her guidance and leadership, Deb Pexa has had a tremendous impact of MWL and its mission over the years. Many initiatives and efforts championed by Deb have had a remarkable and long-lasting effect on our organization, our membership and the greater legal community,” Nason wrote.

Assuming the past is prologue, MWL and the foundation have a bright, savvy and shipshape future.

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