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Unsung: Amanda Booth

Betsy Carlson//September 12, 2016//

Unsung: Amanda Booth

Betsy Carlson//September 12, 2016//

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Robins Kaplan paralegal Amanda Booth was recognized by Judge Thomas S. Fraser for having “assisted throughout” a case when he awarded attorney fees and costs in a recent order.

Fraser credited Booth with benefiting both parties and saving time and expense for the opposing party, reports Robins Kaplan partner Jennifer M. Robbins.

The paralegal assembled numbered exhibits for both parties, prepared trial binders for the court and jury and took charge of setting up the courtroom for the electronic display of exhibits.

Describing Booth as a perfectionist, Robbins says the paralegal holds herself to the highest standards.

For example, a Robins Kaplan client in a different case explains that Booth painstakingly waded through thousands of pages of evidence and unearthed a “smoking gun” document in a “titanic legal battle” that may have multi-million dollar ramifications in favor of his firm.

Robbins says that by coordinating e-discovery, expert discovery and documents necessary for filing with the court, Booth “generally keeps all of our attorneys in line by gently nudging us in the right direction.”

Booth says she truly enjoys being part of legal teams, making daily progress on their cases, “It is a rewarding environment that offers a good balance of problem solving and teamwork.”

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