Marie Hansen
Marie Hansen

Marie Hansen

Through times of transition, budget crunches, hiring freezes, updated software that slowed efficiency, and even a government shutdown, Marie Hansen, legal assistant for the Executive Office for Immigration Review at Fort Snelling, has been the go-to person for answers.

With the immigration court since it opened 19 years ago, Hansen has weathered many storms, according to Cassondre K. Buteyn and David L. Wilson, immigration attorneys with Wilson Law Group.

After the 2013 government shutdown, there were mountains of work to reschedule hearings and myriads of questions to answer for confused respondents. With other changes, tight budgets and at times the heavy influx of new cases, she has led staff to do more with less and handled increased work flow in ways described as always professional, friendly and helpful.

She’s a firm mother hen with new attorneys, saving them from themselves, acquainting them with court procedures and scolding new and senior attorneys alike, says Buteyn.

“Putting everything together under changing priorities has probably been my biggest challenge and what I have enjoyed the most,” says Hansen. “Actually I have enjoyed just about every aspect of this job.

“I will miss it as I joyfully head off into retirement this month (August) after working 37 years with the federal government.”

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