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[T]he overall percentage of women associates has decreased over the majority of the last five years, and the percentage of African-American associates has declined every year since 2009. (Credit: Thinkstock)

Sybil Procedure: All kinds of invisible women

Did you see the cover of “Super Lawyers” this month? It’s a women’s suit—with no body. The tagline? “That Kind of Invisible: An Oral History of Women Who Began Practicing Law in the 1960s and 1970s.” Probably because she can’t see herself in a mirror, the poor invisible woman’s suit is ill-fitting. The buttons on ...

About Sybil Dunlop

Sybil Dunlop joined Greene Espel in 2010. Her practice focuses on representing individuals, corporations and public-sector entities in business and governmental defense litigation. She can be reached at

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