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Ryan urges Ohio Republicans to get on board

A day after overseeing Donald Trump’s selection as the Republican presidential nominee, House Speaker Paul Ryan told Ohio delegates who backed home-state Gov. John Kasich that the general election is like Big Ten football: If another team in the conference other than yours goes to the Rose Bowl, you cheer for that team.

“We all ran different offenses in the primary,’’ Ryan told Ohioans at their delegation breakfast on Wednesday in Cleveland, in a message similar to what he told Texans a day earlier. “We’re all on the same team, we all want the same thing. Voting for anybody but Donald Trump means you’re voting for Hillary Clinton.’’

Ohio delegates cast their 66 votes on Tuesday for Kasich, who won the state’s primary and has declined to endorse Trump for being too divisive. Kasich is attending events outside of the Republican National Convention but not participating in it.

Ryan, a graduate of Miami University in Ohio, noted the importance of the Buckeye State in the general election. “As Ohio goes, so goes America,” he said.

Ryan, the running mate for 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, mentioned Trump only once at the end of his 15-minute speech, which focused mostly on his six-point policy agenda.

“The kind of election that we are so desperate to have is one where we earn the right to fix our country’s problems,’’ he said. “If Mitt Romney were standing here today, he would say I wish we did it more in 2012, where we give the country a crystal-clear choice.’’

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