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Breaking the Ice: Rep. Chad Anderson settles into new role

Editor’s note: Breaking the Ice helps reserved Minnesotans learn more about their colleagues and their lives beyond their jobs.

Name: Chad Anderson

Title: Representative, House District 50B

Education: B.A, business marketing, Bethel University

Rep. Chad Anderson is settling into his first legislative session after the Bloomington Republican’s surprise victory last month over DFL Bloomington City Council member Andrew Carlson in a special election in House District 50B. Anderson, a Realtor who also owns and manages rental property, was just out of high school when he got his license. As a teen, he helped his grandfather with apartment buildings he owned. Anderson, who is married and has four children under the age of six, has 30 family members in Bloomington.

The highlight/lowlight of your daily commute to work is?

Knowing that I get to come down to the Capitol every day is amazing. I don’t usually get out of Bloomington too much. I’ve never really taken from Bloomington (Interstate) 494 to (Interstate) 35E before. It’s really cool just to have that 20 minutes to think about how great an opportunity I have. I realize there is a big change in my life and embrace that.

One way to end partisan polarization?

That’s maybe one reason why I got into this. Hopefully everyone down here wants to do what’s best for Minnesota. We need to understand that we need to come to an agreement and do what’s best. Look at the facts, look at the figures and listen to the stories of the people and say, “This is what we’re doing and we need to figure something out,” and come in with that attitude.

What you miss most with the Capitol under renovation is?

It’s normal for me. It would be nice to be able to bring people through the Capitol, family and friends. It’s just not happening right now.

Where do you like to eat lunch?

I like a good burger, anywhere where a good burger is. The Red Cow is a good place with good burgers.

Is there someone at the Capitol who you think does a lot of work without getting a lot of credit?

All the people behind the scenes. When I came down here, I did not realize all the help I would get — the pages, the non-partisan House researchers. The public, a lot of times, doesn’t realize all the people it takes to make it go.

What’s your favorite hidden place at the Capitol?

Right now it’s my office. It’s really humbling to sit here and realize what’s happened to me. Just to realize that I get to come down here everyday and get to be part of this, to have an office here is pretty amazing.

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