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14-3023 U.S. v. Jokhoo, appealed from the District of Minnesota, Murphy, J.




Where a defendant, who was debt collector, convicted of charges including bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud and identity theft, challenged his sentence, specifically the calculation of total loss, the method of calculating loss must be reasonable but the loss “need not be determined with precision.” The government submitted unrebutted testimony at the sentencing hearing showing the investigation of each transaction on a loss spreadsheet, so the district court reasonably found that the defendant intended to steal $711,965, The court did not err in applying an enhancement for violation of an administrative order because the department of commerce ordered the defendant to stop committing fraud, but the record showed that he continued to do so, and a vulnerable victim enhancement was also supported by evidence that the victims were financially distressed. Judgment is affirmed.

14-3023 U.S. v. Jokhoo,  appealed from the District of Minnesota, Murphy, J.

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