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Victoria Taylor
Victoria Taylor

Up & Coming: Victoria Taylor

At a recent Saturday outing in Stillwater, Victoria Taylor ran into a client, who loudly proclaimed her “the best lawyer ever.” The client then introduced her to everyone in the vicinity, who typically responded, “You’re Victoria? We’ve heard so many good things about you!”

Taylor treasures these moments. At the outset of her family-law practice, she determined she’d serve a sizeable demographic, in return for modest monetary rewards, but loads of good karma.

Fresh out law school, Taylor started Cornerstone Family Law. “We built it with the idea that there’s a huge underrepresented portion of our culture — the middle-income folks. Working people. The rest of us.

“We started it as kind of an experiment. How can we work with people? With monthly payment plans, a sliding fee scale and discounts for veterans — whatever we can do to bridge that gap.”

Three years later she started her present firm, Crossroads Legal Services, with essentially the same mission.

Taylor was well prepared for a career in law, after working as a hairdresser for over a decade, listening to clients in the chair and then offering a no-nonsense perspective.

“It was a great foundational experience for being a lawyer,” she said. “Now I get to charge people for my advice — although they don’t look as good as they did when they’re leaving,” she said.

“The more I practice, the less this happens. But for the first five years of my practice, I was often underestimated,” Taylor said with a laugh. “It was awesome.”

“Passive aggressive is a second language to me,” she said. “I’m pretty blunt. I call out the elephants in the room. But I just think we need to identify problems — so you can solve them. There are hidden social landmines I tend to fall over sometimes.

“Oh, well.”

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