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Christopher Cadem

Up & Coming: Christopher Cadem

Fergus Falls was a good choice for Christopher Cadem. The 2005 graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School moved there a year out of law school and things took off. He bought a building in Fergus Falls and grew very fast, he said, likely an understatement.

Cadem’s practice includes criminal and civil cases. He won a notable victory earlier this year when a jury acquitted his client of four counts of criminal vehicular homicide. The defendant, David Hamil, was the driver of a car that left the road and rolled into Franklin Lake. The victim was thrown from the car and was found dead. Hamil said he lost control of the car because the victim was hitting him

Cadem was able to get a jury instruction on subsequent intervening causation, based on a fight that broke out between Hamil and the victim as the car went around a curve. Subsequent intervening cause is not a common instruction in criminal cases and there is not a well-developed body of law on the topic, Cadem said.

In State v. Stall, the Court of Appeals, in a published decision, said that state patrol officers who were not troopers could not make random stops of motorists. And Chris is asking the Supreme Court to consider whether or not chemical dependency, in and of itself, with no proven nexus to parenting, is grounds to terminate parental rights.

Attorney Carolyn Burghart says, “He has personally inspired me to achieve new heights as an attorney and has motivated other peers in the profession to uphold the highest of standards in the practice of law.”

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