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Kaisa Adams
Kaisa Adams

Up & Coming: Kaisa Adams

“I take my work very seriously but I don’t take myself very seriously,” says Kaisa Adams. “I think those are words to live by.”

In keeping with that credo, Adams, 30, is blithe and casual in her self-descriptions (“I hate shopping, I hate to cook”) but scrupulous and detail-oriented in discussions of her vocation.

Since graduating from William Mitchell in 2010, the New Brighton native has focused on business litigation, especially complex insurance disputes in multiple jurisdictions. For Adams the payoff comes with the variety of experiences.

“Everything I do changes day to day. I may have a jury trial one day, an appellate briefing the next, and then I’m wearing a hard hat and Tyvek suit on a site inspection,” she said..

Shortly after joining at the firm, Adams was assigned to the team representing General Mills in a suit brought against a supplier whose tainted meatballs had forced a recall. “It was a great way to cut my teeth because I got to work on the case from start to finish,” says Adams. Ultimately, General Mills prevailed on summary judgment at district court and then again at the 8th Circuit.

Patricia St. Peter, a partner at the firm, says Adams “epitomizes what it means to be a team player by assuring that litigation runs smoothly and economically – without any fire drills.”

When she is outside the office, Adams likes to be outdoors. She is a regular jogger–-when she hits the streets earlier, she occasionally bumps into Alan Page on his early morning lap around Minneapolis’ Lake of the Isles – and also enjoys fly fishing.

A couple of years ago, Adams took up rock climbing. Unlike some of the sport’s more daring practitioners, however, she uses ropes. “There’s a reason there aren’t many free solo-ers: it’s because they die,” she says. “I’m into safe climbing. I’m careful and I pick climbs I can actually finish.”

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