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Anne Cotter
Anne Cotter

Up and Coming: Anne Cotter

Anne Cotter really likes money. She has parlayed an economics background into an active mergers and acquisitions practice that survived the Great Recession by regrouping. Now her M&A practice at Stinson Leonard Street is not surviving, it’s thriving.  She’s also developed a niche practice doing securities work for real estate companies.

Cotter has always been attracted to business and business issues but found law school to be mostly about litigation.  She credits Professor John Matheson for helping her see her way to a business practice.

She started her corporate practice career by “playing detective,” er, doing due diligence investigations where she absorbed an education in representing business and business clients. “If you work with good people you learn a lot,” she points out.  As an M&A lawyer, she negotiates the terms for her clients, down to the nitty gritty details. That work requires a thorough understanding of the client’s business in order to give practical advice.

Regrouping after the 2008 crash, when there was no financing for buyers, she started doing deals involving private placement financing, which means raising money from private investors. She’s now co-chair of her firm’s Venture Capital and Emerging Companies group.

Cotter is a member of the board of directors of Cancer Legal Line, which provides the gamut of legal advice that cancer patients need, from navigating the insurance maze to estate planning.  She says that more and more medical organizations are starting to recognize the benefit to patients of these kinds of service.

One other side effect of the 2008 crash was a baby boom in the corporate group at Stinson Leonard Street, where Cotter was one of several new parents. In addition to son Lincoln, she acquired three bonus children when she married her husband Jeffrey.  As an up and coming lawyer, she thanks her husband, her parents, and senior partners Stephen Quinlivan, Mark Weitz, Timothy Pabst and Jill Radloff.

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