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Suzanne Grossman
Suzanne Grossman

Unsung: Suzanne Grossman

Recently retired, Suzanne Grossman can certainly look back over several decades of achievement, particularly in her last 20 years as assistant law librarian at Dakota County Law Library.

“She has been a stellar employee, and she will be greatly missed,” said nominator Sara Galligan of Ramsey County Law Library. “She has been dedicated and awesomely capable and competent in the delivery of library programs and services, helping to position the law library for innovation and growth at a critical time in the Access to Justice movement.”

Grossman didn’t start out in the legal industry, but it seemed to pull her into its midst anyway. While working in banking, she was intrigued by the legal aspects of lending, investments, and compliance, so when she heard the law library position was open, she decided to take the leap. Not surprisingly, she discovered that she relished the variety and nuances of the position.

“Since the law library manager was very involved in outreach, I had the opportunity to help all the various patrons directly when the manager had to be gone,” Grossman said. “I enjoyed that aspect of the job tremendously, but also enjoyed the financial part, which my background suited.”

As part of her two decades of service, Grossman trained and provided support for five library directors and acted as an interim director as needed. It was a process that she embraced, especially since she could help new directors to apply their unique talents and vision to the law library programs.

Although Grossman is ready for the new adventures ahead in retirement, she’s also leaving behind a legacy that will resonate for years to come. Galligan said, “Her illustrious example will hopefully energize new staff to grow into some very big shoes.”

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