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Steve Nardini
Steve Nardini

Unsung: Steve Nardini

Law firms run round the clock, and Steve Nardini is there to make sure the computers are always working for busy attorneys. As senior systems engineer at Gray Plant Mooty for 14 years, Nardini does what it takes — including updating servers at 2 a.m. or troubleshooting at 4 in the morning — to ensure employees can meet clients’ needs at all times.

“These attorneys need to be working. They have deadlines and court cases, and if they don’t have access to their email or documents when they need them, it would not be a good thing,” says Nardini. “My top priority is to keep everything up and running all the time.”

Nardini takes a pragmatic and persistent approach to making sure the firm’s systems meet the needs of its staff and evolve to keep up with ever-changing technology. He is skilled at working calmly with people under pressure and solving their problems so that they can get back to work.

One of those self-taught computer wizards, Nardini came to information technology through a nontraditional path. He spent his early career in restaurants waiting tables, cooking, and managing before he went back to school for accounting. He gravitated toward computer networking in the 1990s after installing a company’s small computer network. First he worked at the help desk, then continued teaching himself computing and ultimately found his way to systems engineering.

It’s a good fit for him. Nardini enjoys planning the systems the firm needs, designing back-ups and redundancies to make sure there are no crises, and keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes so that a crashed served or failed upgrade goes unnoticed. He also loves continually learning new things to stay on top of computing.

“I work with a great group of people. It’s always fun and new and changing,” says Nardini. “I know what needs to get done and how to get it done.”

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