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Roxann Mosey
Roxann Mosey

Unsung: Roxann Mosey

While her boss pursues new business and works on complex legal issues for clients, Roxann Mosey holds down the fort. She’s the classic behind-the-scenes legal administrative assistant (LAA) who serves as the right hand to a very busy corporate lawyer, communicating closely with clients and helping Kermit Nash stay on top of their needs.

Mosey joined Gray Plant Mooty in late 2008 as a floater LAA, and Nash arrived soon after. They worked together previously at a different law firm and quickly joined forces again. Before long, Mosey became an integral part of Nash’s practice, giving him the necessary support to serve as corporate counsel to many domestic and international clients. And when Nash seeks to win over new clients, Mosey is by his side.

It’s a close partnership that many at the Minneapolis law firm aim to replicate. “I like keeping people organized,” says Mosey. “I keep the train running on the track so that Kermit can do his work. I take care of all the administrative duties and manage his business operations day-to-day.”

It’s a role Mosey has played throughout her career. She enjoys running operations in the background and tackling the details so that legal and business executives can shine at their jobs.

Thanks to Mosey’s assiduous attention to detail and organizational abilities, Nash notes that he has increased his work productivity by 50 percent compared to last year. Mosey’s strong support is directly responsible for this feat, completed during the same amount of work hours.

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