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Raul Taveras
Raul Taveras

Unsung: Raul Taveras

With a newly minted bachelor’s degree in computer science, and an interest in law, Raul Taveras applied for a contract position in the IT department of Fish & Richardson’s Boston office.

It was supposed to be a one-week gig to upgrade desktops. Before the week was out, Taveras was invited to lead the project. He flew out to the firm’s other offices to train and supervise other tech workers; at the end of the project, the firm asked him to stay.

In the eight years since, the firm has repeatedly offered him new challenges. As he trained the firm’s paralegals, attorneys, and administrative staff, he asked them about their work — then used what he learned to develop software to help them do it. When the firm’s Litigation Practice Group needed someone to manage litigation technology, Taveras got the call.

Taveras sees himself as a “tech liaison” — someone who can interpret business requirements, and translate them into language that software developers can understand. Clients and are “holding law firms true to budget,” he notes. So Taveras looks for places where people, processes, and technology intersect to help the firm work faster and smarter. He has built sites to help the firm’s legal case teams track their tasks; this helps the firm not only stay on budget but also recognize when tasks are taking longer than expected, and understand why.

Yet Taveras resists the impulse to insist on a technological solution to every problem. So in addition to technology, he helps the firm come up with best practices, checklists, and process maps to make the human side of the process more efficient.

A year after moving to Minneapolis, Taveras is enthusiastic about his new city, and about his work at Fish & Richardson. “If you want to innovate, if you’re a thinker,” says Taveras, the firm “is a place that really allows you to grow.”

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