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Maggie Palmisano
Maggie Palmisano

Unsung: Maggie Palmisano

Attorneys who work with Maggie Palmisano gain the benefit of having a veteran of personal injury and medical malpractice litigation by their side. She brings more than 31 years of experience working closely with lawyers on cases from start to finish.

Palmisano brings many skills to the table, including the ability to analyze vast amounts of complex medical and technical data to identify evidence of liability. She spends most of her time working closely with attorneys on their cases, identifying, analyzing, and evaluating damages for complex civil litigation related to personal injury and medical malpractice.

After working for more than 10 years as a legal administrative assistant, Palmisano went to night school to become a paralegal. She made the formal switch in 1996 to move from the administrative side of working at a law firm to doing more investigating and organizational work. It’s been a great fit for her, especially the ability to work very closely with clients on their cases.

“I really like working with the clients,” Palmisano says. “I also like the busyness and the challenge of the amount of information you deal with. I always say that organization, prioritization, and anticipation are the three things I strive for to keep all of this running.”

This spring, Palmisano followed her boss, Teresa Fariss McClain, from Hallberg & McClain to Robins Kaplan. Palmisano continues to work on personal injury and medical malpractice cases, aiming to help clients secure the compensation they deserve after an injury.

“I do enjoy litigation and seeing cases through from the start to development of the case to settlement or trial,” says Palmisano. “I have a lot of satisfaction when we can get a just reward for clients, especially for the people who really need the financial resources into the future. That’s very rewarding for me.”

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