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Kerri Lorig
Kerri Lorig

Unsung: Kerri Lorig

Every firm has that “go-to” person who seems to know everything about procedures, processes, document retrieval, even software shortcuts. At Gray Plant Mooty, that person is financial systems analyst Kerri Lorig.

“We are pretty sure if you look up synonyms for ‘help,’ you’ll find Kerri’s name,” said her supervisor, financial systems analyst Clark Osojnicki. “She’s very well respected across all levels of the firm and we all know we would be lost without her gracious and wonderful, helpful spirit.”

Lorig has been applying her skills to the firm for 23 years, after starting as a billing clerk and eventually becoming billing supervisor. Because of her talent for analytics, she transitioned to her current role, but Osojnicki said her title doesn’t even come close to conveying all the she does. Lorig is responsible for financial software accuracy and integrity, and acts as project manager, programmer, data steward, software specialist, and help desk.

As if that weren’t enough, she’s working with Osojnicki to develop an online client intake system that will be used for new business. Once a pilot is complete, they’ll open it up to other workflow uses within the firm.

“Part of what I love here is the opportunity to improve processes, and that includes looking for ways to do business better and smarter,” Lorig said. The wealth of multitasking that comes with her role is something she relishes, especially since it often leads to more efficiency.

“The people who work here are tremendous,” she said. “That makes it fun to find ways for them to be more efficient in their work, and to support them in whatever way I can. To stay on top of multiple tasks per day, I just try to stay aware of what needs to be done, and make sure that it gets handled.”

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