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Kerry Bundy

Attorneys of the Year: Kerry Bundy

Signature successes in 2014 and commitment to pro bono

2014 Attorney of the Year honoree Kerry Bundy, a partner at Faegre Baker Daniels, experienced a number of signature wins last year.

Along with Faegre partner Randy Kahnke, Bundy represented Bluestem Brands in hard-fought federal court trade-secret litigation in Atlanta. After battling for more than two years, Bluestem was awarded summary judgment on all counts in May 2014. Bundy said that the key to victory in that case was to force the plaintiff to identify its alleged trade secrets early in the case, and then to establish that each of those alleged “trade secrets” was either in the public domain or not covered by a nondisclosure agreement the parties had previously signed.

Another signature win for Bundy in 2014 was for Lee Equity, which owns Papa Murphy’s, along with the Papa Murphy’s Board of Directors, in a case filed in the Washington state courts by non-Washington Papa Murphy’s franchisees. Bundy and her team were able to obtain dismissal of the core of the plaintiffs’ claims early in the case, prevailing on a matter of first impression under Washington law.

Other clients with whom Bundy successfully worked in 2014 include Honeywell, Dairy Queen, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Jani-King International, for whom Bundy serves as national coordinating and litigation counsel.

Emily Decker, senior vice president, secretary and general counsel for Buffalo Wild Wings, raved about Bundy, describing her as “intelligent, practical, and easy to work with,” and noting that she “takes the time to get to know her clients.” Decker noted Bundy’s particular expertise on the emerging issue of attempts to hold franchisors liable as joint employers along with their franchisees.

Bundy is an active member of the International Franchise Association and has held many leadership positions within the American Bar Association’s Forum on Franchising.

Bundy leads the firm-wide Children on the Border project, which assists unaccompanied minor Central American refugees facing deportation proceedings.

With her multiple successes in 2014, as well as her devotion to pro bono, it is easy to see why Bundy was named as a 2014 Attorney of the Year.

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