Rank: 58; Number of lawyers: 21

Monroe Moxness Berg PA

Monroe Moxness_LogoRank: 51

Number of lawyers: 23

7760 France Avenue South

Suite 700

Minneapolis, MN 55435



 Scott G. Husaby

Scott G. Husaby




Founded: 1969


Managing Partner

Scott G. Husaby


Mission Statement

VALUED CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS. We value and maintain our client relationships by cultivating trust and confidence through actions that consistently serve the best interest of the client. We are honorable in our actions, and we hold honesty and integrity as guiding principles.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVE. Knowing that legal and business issues are interrelated, our approach leverages creative, multidisciplinary problem-solving.

COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS. We value a wide-ranging thought process, encompassing all elements and angles, to ensure the solution matches the situation in every instance.

INCLUSIVE TEAMS. By using an integrated team approach, we help clients benefit from our firm’s collective legal and financial knowledge and skill.

FIRM FIRST. We are motivated by collective success, not self-interest.

MARKETING ADVOCACY. By encouraging and supporting marketing initiatives, both at the attorney and firm-wide levels, we advance the present and future sustainability of our firm.

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. With active and conservative management of the firm’s resources, we maintain our fiscal stability.

PRODUCTIVITY. By design, our system rewards those who work hard.

MUTUAL RESPECT. By cultivating a supportive, flexible atmosphere, we promote peak performance that is rooted in mutual respect for the firm and the individual.


Areas of Practice

Banking/Finance; Business Litigation; Business/Corporate; Commercial Finance and Transactions; Construction Law; Elder Law; Employment/Employee Benefits; Franchise/Franchising; Intellectual Property; Labor and Employment Law; Litigation; Mergers and Acquisitions; Private Equity, Emerging Growth and Venture Capital; Real Estate Litigation; Securities and Finance; Tax Law; Trust and Estates.


Important Contacts

John E. Berg

Corporate Finance/Tax



Gerald S. Duffy

Land Use



Randy B. Evans

Corporate Finance



Richard R. Gibson

Corporate Finance



Scott G. Husaby

Wealth Preservation/Tax



Dennis L. Monroe

Corporate Finance/Franchising



Ryan R. Palmer




Patricia M. Weller

Commercial Real Estate



Marketing Director

Wojciech M. Kotas



Number of lawyers (MN only): 21 (6 female, 15 male)

Number of equity partners: 9 (1 female, 8 male)

Total attorneys (worldwide): 23

Number of new hires in 2013 (MN only): 2 (1 female, 1 male)

Number of departures in 2014 (MN only): 3 (3 female)

Number of “of counsel” lawyers (MN only): 1

Number of paralegals (MN only): 2

Number of non-paralegal support staff (MN only): 18

Annual billable hours expected of associates: 1,800

Company dress code: Business casual

Flextime for lawyers: Yes

Part-time lawyers: Yes

Telecommunting for lawyers: Yes

Flextime for staff: No

Part-time staff: Yes

Telecommuting for staff: Yes

Unique benefits: Free covered parking, free access to fitness center in building complex, in-house massage therapist (once a week).

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