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How to plan for the office move

Patrick Thornton//October 28, 2014//

How to plan for the office move

Patrick Thornton//October 28, 2014//

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Moving day can be pricey

Lawyerist has a post on a major law firm administration problem that is seldom discussed, as far as Sidebar knows. It is, the dreaded moving day. “Moving your law firm can be pricey, challenging and risky. Problems may include deteriorating team morale, getting locked in to a long-term lease that doesn’t work for the firm, and spending more money than necessary.” Furthermore, consider the needs of your clients and employees, author Howard Ecker advises. It is a reprint of an article from the Michigan Bar Journal.

Garner: Don’t rush when reading for fun

In the ABA Journal, Bryan Garner offers advice on how to read for pleasure, even when you spent all day reading legal scholarship and/or drivel. The key, says Garner, is not to rush. He quotes our own wordsmith, Court of Appeals Judge Kevin Ross, who said that the best legal writing incorporates strong creative writing elements.

Obama’s judicial legacy

The New Yorker has a piece, “The Obama Brief,” by Jeffrey Toobin on President Barack Obama’s judicial legacy. He writes, “To the extent that there is an Obama legal legacy, it centers on gay rights and voting rights, subjects that the president addresses more with caution than with passion.”

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