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Newman says Swanson should get involved in Community Action of Minneapolis

Newman calls for Swanson to investigate non profit

The Republican candidate for Attorney General issued a statement this morning asking his opponent to get involved in the mess that is Community Action of Minneapolis.

The Star Tribune recently published a story that detailed the nonprofit has misspent taxpayer money on travel and other expenses for board members.

Now Sen. Scott Newman (R-Hutchinson) is asking Attorney General Lori Swanson to investigate the group.

“Reports by the Minneapolis Star Tribune make clear that Community Action of Minneapolis has misspent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. This is clearly an abuse of this group’s nonprofit status. Taxpayer money that should have been used to help the needy in Minneapolis has been used to provide luxurious vacations, spa treatments, and cars to leaders and board members of this organization.”

He said it is the duty of Swanson through state statute to oversee and investigate nonprofits and to prosecute when necessary.

“Where is Lori Swanson? Why has she not started an investigation, or at the very least commented on this story?” Newman said.


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