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Up & Coming: Sarah M. Zach

Sarah M. Zach

Sarah M. Zach

Lindquist & Vennum

Even though she holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sarah Zach has little patience for one of that profession’s most treasured tenets.

“I realized quickly that the emphasis on objectivity that comes with journalism wasn’t appealing to me,” said Zach, an attorney with Lindquist & Vennum. “I wanted to advocate.

“I was on the editorial board at the school newspaper and I was much more at home there – coming to a conclusion on a topic and writing persuasively on it.”

That passion for advocacy has fueled Zach’s successful career in real estate law. She helps clients with acquisitions, dispositions, leasing and construction transactions, and so far that has led to a number of successful deals.

She recently helped represent a Twin Cities multi-family developer in a number of multimillion-dollar financing and refinancing deals. Zach has reviewed and helped resolve a variety of title and survey issues, worked with city officials to get necessary approvals and helped meet an array of lender requirements.

“I realized when I first started clerking that deal-making was what I wanted to do long-term,” she said. “I like reading contracts. I like negotiating and looking at the circumstances behind a deal.”

That fondness for the fine print has led to deals such as the acquisition and development of $60 million multi-family development in Minnetonka on behalf of a national developer. Zach coordinated review of complicated title and survey issues and worked with the seller, surveyor, engineers, architects and title company to troubleshoot where necessary.

Apart from her own skill and work ethic, Zach succeeds in her field with help from a sincere admiration of her clients.

“People in real estate are bold,” she said. “They have to figure out where the market is going before it gets there.”

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