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Up & Coming: Lisa M. Ashley

Lisa M. Ashley

Lisa M. Ashley

Messerli & Kramer

Attorney Lisa Ashley likes the tangible aspect of real estate law because she’s able to quantify and see the results of her work. For example, she can drive past a real estate development and think back on how she developed and drafted the land acquisition and homeowner’s association documents for the project.

“Real estate touches everyone,” says Ashley. “Nobody can go through life without at least having a situation involving real estate. Everyone at some point in their life buys or leases a home.”

Ashley’s keen interest and enthusiasm for real estate law led her to study for, and receive, a rare certification from the Minnesota State Bar Association as a Real Property Specialist. Only 2 percent of attorneys practicing in real estate law have this certification in Minnesota.

As an associate at Messerli & Kramer, Ashley has also been growing her practice in banking and finance. She represents lenders and borrowers in transactions involving finance that often intersect with real estate.

“Real estate is part of banking, and banking is another creative avenue in the law,” says Ashley. “You’re coming up with creative solutions to make sure the deal works.”

Throughout her career, Ashley has gained insight from her mentors. Ashley feels strongly about the positive impact mentors can have on a young lawyer’s life. As chair of her firm’s attorney development committee, Ashley has helped create a formal mentoring program that pairs associates with shareholders in other departments.

Ashley’s career goals include building her practice in banking and finance, and becoming a shareholder at Messerli & Kramer.

“I enjoy my job. It’s nice to say that,” says Ashley. “I feel challenged every day. I like the pressure. I thrive on it.”

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