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Up & Coming: Daniel J. Cragg

Daniel J. Cragg

Daniel J. Cragg

Eckland & Blando

When it comes to understanding the law, Daniel Cragg has a taste for the arcane. The more obscure the legal rule, the more Cragg savors it.

“That’s my wheelhouse,” said Cragg, an associate at Eckland & Blando, a six-person government contract and litigation boutique firm. “I remember almost everything that I read, and I especially have a good memory for case law and legal rules.”

Cragg deepens his knowledge of case law by reading every decision from the Minnesota and U.S. Supreme Courts and every published decision from the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

“I would agree that I read a lot of case law — more than I need to,” said Cragg. “And I read cases that are not necessarily in my substantive practice area. But there are a lot of bedrock principles that bleed over into every case, and having that knowledge gives me an advantage to advocate for my clients.”

Cragg’s litigation practice includes the areas of government contracts, commercial disputes, admiralty and maritime, labor & employment, criminal law, and contempt proceedings.

Last summer, Cragg got a $1.4 million verdict in a commercial case along with his firm’s partner, Mark Blando. And recently, Cragg filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Minnesota Association for Justice in a Minnesota Supreme Court case challenging the doctrine of sovereign immunity.

Recently, Cragg’s ambitions turned toward the bench, and he ran for judge in Hennepin County. Cragg lost his bid in the Aug. 12 primary. But, since being a career judge is Cragg’s long-term career goal, he says he will run again some day for a seat on the bench. “Generally speaking, yes, I would be a young judge,” says the 32 year-old Cragg. “But from day one in my career, I’ve been doing things my peer group hasn’t.”

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