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Kelly and Jacobson

Unsung: Josh Katan

Josh Katan

Josh Katan

Kelly and Jacobson

Josh Katan’s “legal assistant” job title does not really do justice to the essential work he does to assist the criminal defense attorneys at Kelly and Jacobson. The Connecticut native was a graphic design student at Brainco Minneapolis School of Advertising when he joined the firm as a part-time employee in 2004. In short order, the position expanded into a full-time job, thanks to Katan’s abilities as a quick learner. One of Katan’s major functions is doing investigative research to help the firm’s attorney prepare for trials. “One of the first things you learn is that you need to go beyond the obvious stuff to find out the real facts” related to a case.

Nominator Tom Kelly says Katan has been an important member of defense teams. He cited an example: “Through his review of documents in a business fraud defense, our client was able to substantially reduce the amount of loss claimed by the prosecution, which led to a probationary sentence.” In another case, Katan’s investigation of a critical case in a Hennepin County Court case led to dismissal of charges against the client. And, in a federal court prosecution, “Josh spent hours interviewing our client leading to the revelation of matters the client had held secret throughout his life and which were vital to his defense,” Kelly said.

Katan has also developed easily understandable computer presentations used by teams in court, and has compiled a large body of research on the passive transfer of DNA, Kelly added.

Katan said he’s found criminal defense to be “a fascinating niche of the law. And we have a great group of people who enjoy one another’s company, and the work they do.”

In his 10 years at the firm, Katan has also been able to use his graphic design talents in creating covers for the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers publications.

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