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Hamline University School of Law

Unsung: Barb Kallusky

Barb Kallusky

Barb Kallusky

Hamline University School of Law

Barb Kallusky has spent nearly 20 years working in law libraries, a role she said she enjoys for the opportunity to help people daily. In her job as interim director of the Hamline University Law Library, that might mean teaching law students how to do legal research or assisting faculty members as they dig into topics for scholarly articles.

“My big thing is providing really good service to people who need my help. That’s what brings me into work every day,” says Kallusky. “I like helping people, and I like making sure people get connected with the information they need so that everybody goes away happy.”

A lawyer with a library science degree, Kallusky first worked at various law libraries, including at Hamline, before running her own editing and indexing business for about a decade. In 2004 Kallusky returned to Hamline as a reference librarian, eventually rising to serve as co-director and head of public services. She was named interim director this summer.

Kallusky regularly teaches students how to conduct legal research, such as digging up statutes or relevant case law and opening their eyes to various resources. Law school faculty value Kallusky for going above and beyond on their scholarly research, including finding relevant materials they didn’t even request. For one professor who puts on programs about public interest issues, Kallusky offered to compile bibliographies and other resources so that audience members could dig deeper into the topics later.

One of Kallusky’s recent endeavors involved restructuring the way Hamline librarians provide research services to professors, which was well received by faculty. Instead of teaching them how to use multiple databases, Kallusky shifted operations so that librarians just complete the research on their behalf. “That was very successful, and the faculty really appreciated it and have responded very well to it,” she says.

Kallusky, who enjoys reading, traveling, and cooking, became a first-time grandmother a year ago and has been relishing her new title.

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