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Jim Carlson was sentenced to 17 1/2 years for selling synthetic drugs

Duluth head shop owner hires Mark Nyvold for appeal

Jim Carlson, the Superior, Wisc. man convicted and sentenced to more than 17 years for selling synthetic drugs, hired attorney Mark Nyvold to appeal his case.

Carlson was convicted of 51 counts of selling synthetic drugs from his store the “Last Place on Earth” in Duluth. Nyvold said earlier today he has filed a notice of appeal in federal court and he will ask the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the conviction. He did not provide a basis for the appeal.

Carlson was also hit with a forfeiture order allowing the seizure of approximately $6.5 million in cash and other assets. In a separate order, Carlson’s ex-girlfriend, Lava Haugen, is also challenging her conviction and sentence to five years in federal prison.

Nyvold is a solo practitioner and works exclusively in criminal and civil appeals on the state and federal level.


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