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Kluwe, Vikes settle

The  Minnesota Vikings will donate a “substantial,” but not disclosed, sum to five LGBT groups over the next five years to settle a lawsuit brought by Chris Kluwe, a former punter for the team. “Chris will receive absolutely nothing from this settlement,” said his lawyer, Clayton Halunen. Zygi Wilf released a statement that said “our focus remains on maintaining a culture of tolerance, inclusion and respect, and creating the best workplace environment for our players, coaches and staff.” The amount of the settlement is left to our imagination. Twincities.com reported that “Everybody knows the numbers we have been talking about over the past seven months. It’s substantial,” Halunen said.

Updated. (3:23 p.m.)  We were unsuccessful in finding out whether the settlement included attorney fees but Halunen told us that The Matthew Shephard Foundation and its Race Hate Camp, and the You Can Play Project, Gay Athletes Straight Allies Teaming Up for Respect are two of the organizations that will get funds. The other organizations haven’t been disclosed because they haven’t been notified, Halunen said. The Vikes will also require all members of the organization to attend four sensivitity/diversity training and adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward harassment based on sexual orientation.  The team will also host a national symposium here in Minnesota on homophobia in professional sports, which will include a black-tie fundraiser.

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