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The program allows veterans a chance to address past mistakes and move on

StandDown event resolves hundreds of cases for Vets

The 22nd Annual Minnesota StandDown event was held last week at the Boy Scout Basecamp at Fort Snelling.

Veterans had the opportunity to finalize traffic and other court matters before judges. Hundreds of cases were resolved over the two days.

Judges, together with attorneys, court clerks, and a court reporter volunteered their time. The criminal section helped 48 defendants with a total of 177 cases and citations, up from 143 cases last year.

Judge Kerry Meyer, the presiding judge of the Veterans Court in the 4th Judicial District said the cases ranged from an outstanding fine from 2003 to a ticket that was set for court next October.

“Most of the veterans approached the attorneys and the court because they wanted to take an important step toward getting a valid driver’s license. It is great to be part of an event that allows veterans to address past mistakes and help them move forward,” Meyer said in a statement.


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