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The court will review unemployment compensation and government contract issues.

Two more cases added by state Supreme Court

The Minnesota Supreme Court released a new list of PFRs, from which it granted two. One is an unemployment compensation case, Engfer v. General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, where the court will examine the preemptive effect of ERISA on the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Act. The employee received supplemental benefits under ERISA  and the Department of Employment and Economic Development determined that those payments were “wages” and that the employee had been overpaid unemployment benefits. The unemployment law judge agreed but the Court of Appeals reversed, holding that ERISA preempted the state law definition of wages.

The court also accepted Contractor’s Edge v. City of Mankato where the Court of Appeals said that the district court failed to consider whether the petitioner could recover for extra work performed under the contract’s claims procedures and under the Minnnesota Prompt Payment of Local Goverment Bills Act, Minn. Stat. sec. 471.425.

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