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Settlement includes legal fees

St. Paul settles lawsuit over vehicle search

The city of St. Paul agreed to settle a lawsuit with a man who said a city police officer illegally searched his vehicle.

The city will pay $7,500 to Clifton McWright, 25, and another $34,587 to cover his legal fees. The city council will vote on the  proposal next week.

The city does not admit fault and both McWright and his lawyer have to agree to not make public statements about the case.

City Attorney Sara Grewing said the agreement was in the best interest of the taxpayers.

According to court documents in the case:

McWright was stopped in his car by St. Paul police officer David Quast in March 2012. Quast knew McWright and knew he didn’t have a driver’s license.

McWright said the officer ordered him out of the vehicle, handcuffed him and then searched him because he thought there was a firearm in the car. McrWright and his lawyer argued the officer did not have probable cause to search the vehicle.

The city argued that the officer had reliable information that McWright might have guns on him. McWright also claimed Quast used a racial slur during the traffic stop. That claim was dismissed.


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