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Kevin Burke urges action for Nigerian girls.

Time to take action

Judge Kevin Burke, Hennepin County District Court, had a piece in Minnpost last week about the kidnapping in Nigeria of 234 schoolgirls, apparently to be “brides,” i.e., slaves, for the militant group Boko Haram.

The group today threatened to sell the children, who apparently were targeted because they went to school.

Burke is asking the legal profession to call, tweet, write, Facebook and everything else to assist these children and their parents. He specifically urges lawyers to contact legislators in both political parties and other who might have influence in raising this issue.

“One person who got the post contacted a high ranking [executive] at Ford … who apparently is trying to do something. One person who has a relationship with a prominent national political commentator called her and asked her to speak out,” Burke wrote in an email to Minnesota Lawyer.

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