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Government had offered to drop charges if defendant would stay away from court but later took the offer off the table.

SCOTUS protestor sentenced to time served

It’s been widely said that the Roberts Court is supportive of free speech. Apparently also so inclined is District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Juliet McKenna who sentenced Supreme Court protestor Noah Newkirk to time served and a $150 fine.  He could have been sentenced to nine months in jail and fined up to $15,000.

According to the Legal Times, “the sentencing concluded a morning marked by hallway negotiations in which the Supreme Court—represented by court legal counsel Ethan Torrey—played a significant behind-the-scenes role. Torrey was present in the courtroom, as was a Supreme Court police officer.

After the session was over, the officer handed Newkirk a ‘barring notice’ alerting Newkirk that he is prohibited from setting foot on Supreme Court property for the next 12 months. Earlier, Newkirk’s lawyer, Jeffrey Light, told McKenna that Newkirk, a resident of Los Angeles, had ‘no intention to return to the Supreme Court to do this again.’”

Prosecutors had offered to drop the case if Newkirk agreed to stay away from the court for six months. Newkirk rejected it and when he told the court today, April 15, he wanted to accept the offer, the government had taken it off the table. Reportedly, the court did not want the charges dropped.

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