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Steven Lundeen of Lauderdale faces up to seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

Disbarred attorney now charged with foreclosure scam

A disbarred attorney is back in trouble after being charged with theft by swindle in a foreclosure scam.

Steven Lundeen is accused of posing as a Wells Fargo employee and scamming a couple in to paying him $2,000 to avoid foreclosure. He was disbarred in 2012 after being accused of using drugs, failure to show up in court and taking money from clients without earning it. He missed one court appearance because he was in Ramsey County Jail after being arrested for possession of cocaine. He also was accused of taking $1,000 from a client after he was disbarred and offering to provide representation.

According to the criminal complaint, Lundeen didn’t change his ways after the disbarment. In February 2013, Lundeen and an interpreter went to the door of a south Minneapolis duplex which was going to be repossessed after a foreclosure sale.

The translator told the residents that they had three options: buy the house back from Wells Fargo, pay rent or leave, the complaint said.

A week later, Lundeen came to the house to collect $500 in rent from each unit in the duplex. A month later, he did the same thing.

A true Wells Fargo representative came to the home a short time later. The residents asked if they should pay her instead of Lundeen. The Wells Fargo employee then told the residents to call police the next time they saw Lundeen. They did the next time he showed up and police arrested him. In his car they found about 60 Hennepin County Sheriff foreclosure records for properties owned by people with Hispanic names.


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